From 31th march 2015,the data entry for SLPEs has been closed to facilitate report preparation.
The Financial Figures are Rupees in Lakhs (Rounded to nearest Lakhs, No decimal)
  1. Please send email to w.r.t user ID/Password using official Email Id with contact details.
  2. It is mandatory to change password on first Login.
  3. The Password must have one special character and one number. Minimum length of the password is 6 characters (e.g abc$12 ).
  4. Last 3 passwords are not allowed during change.
  5. If the Login fails more than 5 times consecutively ( Attempting wrong User ID/Password) , your Login Account/User Id will be Blocked.
  6. To re-activate your blocked Login Account/User Id – “i. It will be re-activated automatically after 24 hrs” (OR) “ii. Email to for immediate re-activation”.
  7. Data requirement is for 3 years i.e 2010-11,11-12 & 12-13. Yearly data is to be entered i.e. Pl. complete for 2010-11 then proceed for 2011-12 and so on.
  8. In case no information for a particular form/fields(except mandatory fields), fill 0 (Zero) and submit.
  9. Press Submit button for Saving the information.
  10. Data once entered can be updated/edited again.
  11. Press “Confirmation Button” for final submission. No updation/Edit will be allowed after pressing “Confirmation Button”, data can be viewed.
  12. All the fields of Company Profile are mandatory.
  13. Authorised Capital (1000) should be greater than Paidup Capital(1010).
  14. Profit Loss of Item Code (1339) of Part II should be equal to Net Profit Loss from Continuing and Discontinuing Operations(1600) of Part III.
  15. Grand Total Assests(1300) of Part II should be equal to Grand Total(Equity and Liabilities)(1100) of Part II.